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Kersenbrock Medical and Wellness is happy to offer our patients non-invasive medical, wellness, and chiropractic services. Using state-of-the-art diagnostic technology, paired with the expert knowledge of our staff, we have a patient-first philosophy. Whether you need to take advantage of only of our unique services or require a comprehensive treatment plan, we are here for you. Through these services, Kersenbrock Medical and Wellness is focused on helping you achieve a pain-free and happy life!

For standard medical services, like seeing the nurse practitioner for an exam or physical therapy, most insurances are accepted.


Acupuncture treatments provide natural non-invasive pain-relief, all conducted by our licensed professionals.


Have you been involved in an auto accident that resulted in an injury? Our team will develop a comprehensive treatment plan so you recover quickly!

Chiropractic Adjustment

 The chiropractic adjustment is a technique used to correct joint dysfunction in which there is a loss of normal movement of the joint. This loss of motion tends to create pain. Manipulation…

IV Drip Therapy

Feeling physically or mentally drained? Get a natural boost of vitamins, minerals, and amino acids with Nutritional IV drip therapy!

Musculoskeletal Treatment

Musculoskeletal and neuromuscular symptoms (numbness, tingling, skin crawling sensation) are some of the most common reason for visits to medical doctor’s offices. Musculoskeletal…

Neuromuscular Treatment

Repetitive motion and the accumulation of trauma in a body’s soft tissues can cause adhesions that compromise nerves and other tissues.

Regenerative Medicine

With a 90%+ success rate, regenerative medicine may be the answer to your chronic aches and pains.

Rehabilitative Therapies and Exercises

Recovering from an injury or surgery? Want to strengthen your muscles and stabilize your joints? Rehabilitative therapy may be the key to unlocking your potential!

Therapeutic Massage

Therapeutic massage is often integrated into comprehensive treatment plans. Our licensed massage therapists specialize in many techniques, with your pain-relief in mind!


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