Millions of Americans are diagnosed with chronic pain each year. Chronic pain affects a person’s quality of life, activity level, and exacerbates other health conditions. Are you one of the millions of people experiencing chronic pain? It’s time to try regenerative medicine in Lake Mary at the office of Kersenbrock Medical and Wellness.

What is Chronic Pain?

Chronic pain often begins with an injury. For whatever reason, sometimes injuries don’t heal properly, and cartilage, soft tissues, and ligaments become perpetually inflamed. As the years go on, these issues begin to affect the nervous system, which often results in persistent burning and shooting pain.

If left to fester, chronic pain can impact your mobility, muscle, and joint function, and ultimately your lifestyle.

What is Regenerative Medicine?

Regenerative medicine refers to the process of engineering tissues. Using molecular biology and the latest scientific developments, we are able to create reparative and regenerative human cells and tissues; these new cells alleviate the chronic pain your experiencing.

Regenerative medicine has been found to be 90%+ effective in treating areas where individuals commonly experience chronic pain. Additionally, regenerative medicine therapies are an out-patient procedure and require little to no recovery time. Patients can expect to see improvement in their chronic pain within 30 days. Sounds pretty good, right?

How Can Regenerative Medicine Therapies Alleviate Chronic Pain?

Regenerative medicine is one of the most targeted medical therapies in existence. This proven technology has changed the lives of those who once battled chronic pain on a daily basis.

For examples, do you have chronic pain around your knee?

Regenerative medicine therapies are applied in and around the knee. This ensures that healthy cells will regenerate in the areas of most need.

Regenerative Medicine in Lake Mary

Kersenbrock Medical and Wellness is dedicated to helping you live a more active and pain-free life. Our medical professionals are eager to help you say goodbye to chronic pain once and for all.

Regenerative medicine alleviates chronic pain, so if you’re the Central Florida area, give our office a call at (407) 732-6920


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